My name is Slawek. Fortunately for me (and probably for you too), I was the lucky one who bought the domain first. Personally I find it extremely cool having e-mail address like as it may exists only once in the Internet and represents exact your name :-)

The main idea of the Project is sharing the domain with others whom surname is Glebocki. The idea was born when Google introduced its Google Apps. It allowed me used their platform for myself as well as to share the address with others, together with the great features that Google provides with the platform such as Google Photo, Google Drive, Google Docs etc.
As I come from Poland, at first I shared my idea with other Glebocki’s using, at that time (2006) the most popular, polish social media site

If your documents state that your surname is Glebocki or Glebocka then drop me an email at with a link to your social media profile such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to prove it. If your name will be available I will create a free account for you.

PS1. Why and
Adjectival surnames, like all Polish adjectives, have masculine and feminine forms. If a masculine surname ends in -i or -y; its feminine equivalent ends in -a. The feminine form is not just a common usage form, it is also the form of the surname that appears in all official records, such as birth, death and marriage certificates, identity cards, and passports.

PS2. Project is non-profit. All accounts are free of charge. It uses G Suite free version as it used to be free and open for everybody to create an account. I pay for the domains (, and they remain main as long as I pay for them to the domain registrar. At any time you will have no right to the domains. If you agree to have an account you agree also to that part.